Decentralized and Blockchain Based

  • Ensures client data is distributed randomly and incognito across the Internet 
  • Eliminates the need of any client data being held by any central organization 
  • Powers user payment and incentive rewards 
  • Guarantees client data integrity and resiliency  

Secure with End-to-End Encryption

  • Protects client data loss due to unauthorized malicious activities
  • Prevents client data loss due to edge storage device failures 
  • Guarantees client data is always private 
  • Limits client data to be only accessible by the owner of the data 

Reliable and Always Available

  • Validates and corrects client data on the fly 
  • Recovers client data automatically from network and device failures 
  • Assures client data is always available a client 
  • Ensures client data access is always at the performance level a client pays for 

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

  • Creates a self-renewable storage ecosystem 
  • Provides a financial ecosystem for selling and purchasing massive volume of edge storage on the Internet
  • Reclaims vast amount of unused edge storage and computing resources  
  • Saves energy and other precious nature resources by reducing the need to deploy excessively over-provisioned data center storage 

A Massive Volume of Unused Storage and Computing
Resources Exists on Edge Devices all over the Internet

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